[Facebook – best practices] Alicia Keys offre l’écoute de son dernier album

…à ses fans sur Facebook. L’album sera commercialisé le 15 décembre et certains titres peuvent être offerts sur Facebook (via les « gifts »). C’est malin (et une première pour l’industrie musicale il me semble).


Ian Henderson juin 28, 2010 Reply

Alicia Keys has a crystal clear voice that sounds beautifully;~;

Tia Gray août 22, 2010 Reply

the voice of alicia keys is simply phenomenal and it is one of a kind;-~

Gerard Surita septembre 4, 2010 Reply

Alicia Keys is a very clever and very talented strong black woman that is a good role model to every woman including myself. She also stay true to herself and didn’t have to show extra skin to get were she at, but just letting us see who Alicia Keys is

Clementina Caba septembre 20, 2010 Reply

I really want to let you know that I am so excited for you finally having a family …. i love you and your music. It has really change my life…Alicia Keys you are amazing!

Alphonse Lingao septembre 26, 2010 Reply

Alicia Keys is really lucky for having a very good husband aside from having a amazing voice. What else can she asked for? She got all what it takes in life. Happiness, success and health

Leonarda Wininger octobre 9, 2010 Reply

I have a collection of Alicia Keys’ album and I mostly watch her music videos at my home theater. It makes my day when I listen to her songs.

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